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Best mentions are keyword references that are found in content that appears to be describing the activity of organizations.

They might be found on an About Us page within the website.

Select Best mentions when investigating the core organizations related to a set of keywords.

For Example when investigating organizations that develop virtual reality products.

All mentions also include incidental keyword references found in content that appears on an organizations website.

They might be found in News content.

Select All mentions when analysing the full ecosystem around a set of keywords.

For Example when investigating organizations that develop virtual reality and organizations that use virtual reality technologies.

When multiple keywords are selected, they are combined according to whether they have a related meaning.

Related keywords are combined to broaden the results (OR)
Unrelated keywords restrict the combined results (AND)

For Example (in your query)


I want market research on:

Your selection:




Glass is an automated web research capability for Market, Economic and Social Research. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques have been created to build an intelligent web crawler that reads the web, recognising sites that have the characteristics of commercial, non-profit or governmental organizations. These characteristics include finding a description of the business or activity, identifying the people mentioned on the site - which may also include roles and biographies - and extracting the postal addresses referenced. Other information is captured around news content and job listings to form a picture of each organization.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find any organization matching the selected criteria. Try and broaden your search.